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PostSubject: INK OPTIMIZER   Mon Jun 10, 2013 2:05 pm

I attended a seminar of ink Last Saturday from FLINT GROUP, NOT flint

One of the problem is drying, due to insufficient time bet print and finishing is too short, fount too acidic & print job with high ink amount.

The print job with high ink amount - the solution is UCR and GCR, or use an ink optimizer in the prepress.

I am doing a test for my INK Optimizer, anyone woul like to try, you can PM me and I will give my email ad where you can send your PDF files for converting to optimized PDF, preferably images with a very heavy dark images. I can give the detail of ink savings. and you can compare the original pdf.

Anyone interested with the software, you can always ask me.

This for a Limited time only.
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