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 Inquiry about EagleRip v4.0

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PostSubject: Inquiry about EagleRip v4.0   Sun Sep 09, 2007 12:30 am

Hi! Good day to you. I just wanted to inquire something about EagleRip v4.0. My boss acquired a Goss Community web machine w/ Perreta P 2250 Remote Ink Control Console. Our problem is that we don't have any software that will convert our files into JDF or CIP3 / PPF files to be used for our Perretta software. We only have this old version of Agfa Apogee PDFRip (v. 1) and EagleRip v1.0. I was told by an Agfa technician that it is not possible to produce PPF files in our current version of RIP unless we upgrade to ApogeeX. Well I guess it will goes the same with our EagleRip. Can EagleRip v4.0 helps us solve our problem? Can we also substitute EagleRip v.4.0 against ApogeeX to operate our Avantra44S OLP imagesetter?
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PostSubject: Re: Inquiry about EagleRip v4.0   Sun Sep 09, 2007 9:25 pm

Hi Zandr! How is the weather in Quatar? It's good to hear from you.

The new latest EagleRip 4.0 can interface to the Avantra 44S. It also has an upgrade version called EagleRoc which has JDF / CIP3 capabilities. I suggest that you log on to the Founder website at to get more information.

Btw, you can now do post-rip imposition with EagleRip after installing the new BrainNew software which links with EagleRip 4.0.

Regards! cheers
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Inquiry about EagleRip v4.0
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